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Develop, manage and deploy apps

BlackBerry® 10 delivers a comprehensive business and productivity app portfolio, an enterprise-grade app management framework and a low-cost app development environment.

  • Strong business, productivity & personal app selection on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront
  • Easy to port, develop, integrate, deploy, secure and manage enterprise apps to mobilise your own business apps
  • Advanced capabilities for app management
  • Seamless corporate app storefront management and user experience through BlackBerry® Balance™ and BlackBerry World for Work
  • High level of application security & integration of applications into the BlackBerry® 10 user experience


Easy for users to download. Easy for IT to manage.

  • BlackBerry® 10 comes with great business and productivity apps as standard
  • With business apps available on the BlackBerry® World™ storefront like WebEx and Box™, it’s easy for users to find the apps they want
  • BlackBerry World for Work corporate app storefront makes it easy for IT to deploy, secure and manage both mandatory and recommended apps


Utilize the BlackBerry development environment

  • Support of open-standards and open-source app development frameworks means you can efficiently and effectively mobilise and deploy your own business apps.
  • User-friendly developer community and development platform provide support, tools and APIs to easily build apps that are integrated into the core features and experience of BlackBerry 10, such as BlackBerry® Hub, BlackBerry® Calendar and Contacts
  • Cascades SDK provides a full set of native UI elements that help make apps look and behave like a part of the BlackBerry 10 experience. Pre-built code libraries are available for Adobe® AIR® and WebWorks®, making app development easy.


Advanced app management and built-in security

  • Enabled seamlessly through BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry® Balance™, businesses can easily manage and curate a corporate app storefront (BlackBerry® World™ for Work) within the Work Space to push and install mandatory apps & publish recommended apps to users
  • Users retain the ability to access and download great business and personal apps, as well as games, videos, movies and music through BlackBerry World in their personal space
  • With secure connectivity built in to BlackBerry® 10 devices connected to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10, your apps can seamlessly connect to systems and data sources that sit behind the firewall within your business