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Enterprise Server

Robust software for robust businesses

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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Re-inventing Enterprise Mobility Management with a powerful combination of
device management, security, unified communications and apps.

Designed to meet the needs of enterprise and government, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server is for organisations that have an on-premise email server and require a high level of IT control.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server can be run in environments alongside BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for organisations that only have a subset of users that require advanced IT management.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server includes BlackBerry® Balance™ technology to enable employees’ BlackBerry smartphones to be used for business and personal use without compromise.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server v5.0 demo

Of all the other solutions we’ve tried, the BlackBerry solution just runs itself and makes IT control simple.
— Stephen Barrett, Held, Kranzler, McCosker & Pulice

Key features at a glance

Advanced security features

BlackBerry Enterprise Server ensures sensitive information is transmitted in a highly protected environment.

Customizable user permissions

With over 500 IT policies and BlackBerry Balance technology, administrators can manage user settings, control groups and wirelessly adjust security levels and capabilities.

Access to information on the go

Corporate email, calendars and more are synced wirelessly for reliable mobile access to important information.

Remote device management

Track and manage smartphones remotely, without interrupting business.

Maximum scalability

Help your mobile deployments grow as your business grows by leveraging custom applications and add-ons.

Instant communication

With push technology and enterprise instant messaging, your mobile workforce stays connected in and out of the office.

Already have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but haven't upgraded to v5?

Software enhancements

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System

Unify desk phone features with BlackBerry smartphones and enable corporate extension dialing to and from BlackBerry smartphones.

Enterprise collaboration and instant messaging tools

Extend IM and collaboration software to BlackBerry smartphones.

How to get it

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Get BlackBerry Technical Support Services

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See BlackBerry security certifications

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