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Report a Complaint for BBM Channels

The best way to report a complaint is directly through the product. When viewing content, you can click on the overflow menu in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then select "Report" from the menu. Dedicated teams review complaints made in this manner. If you are unable to communicate your complaint in this manner, there are other resources available to you:

- For product and service support issues, visit
- For copyright, trademark, impersonation, or a privacy complaint, visit
- In select countries, where required by applicable law, complaints can be made to the Grievance Officer

If you choose to contact the Grievance Officer with complaints or concerns, including those regarding violations of BBM Channels Terms of Service or Community Standards, or questions about accounts, contact us as follows via email signed with an electronic signature (please include “ATTENTION: Grievance Officer”). You must include the following information to assist us in reviewing and evaluating your complaint:

  1. The name and PIN of the BBM Channel(s) and user at issue. We need your help to enable us to readily locate and identify the user, content, or channel in question. If possible, send us pictures/screen shots.
  2. Details about the personal or confidential information. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to process your complaint. Please specify if you are reporting an account that you believe is held by a person under the age of 13.
  3. Description of how the post is private or confidential information about you or another person for whom you are authorized to act. If the private or confidential information that you identify is not your own, please include documentation to substantiate: (a) who the other individual(s) are, and (b) that you are authorized to act on behalf of the person(s) or entity(ies) whose information is posted. Photos and videos of other adults with legal capacity to act will need to be reported by those individuals themselves. If you are reporting a complaint for or about a minor (including an account that you believe is held by a person under the age of 13) for whom you do not have legal authority, we will make our best effort to assess your claim, but will have to be satisfied of its veracity before taking any action, including removing the purported minor’s account.
  4. A declaration that this personal or confidential information is posted without authorization. Please include the following statement: "I believe in good faith that [content] infringes [my privacy rights, or the rights of the person or entity on whose behalf you are submitting the complaint], and that the posting of this content is not authorized by [me or the rights holder], its agent or the law. The information in this notification is accurate and I swear under penalty of perjury or other legal penalties that I am [the owner /or/ authorized to act on behalf of the owner] of an exclusive right that is allegedly to be infringed, and I hereby request that BlackBerry and its affiliated companies and service providers (“BlackBerry”) remove such content from BBM Channels.
  5. Identify who you are and provide us with your contact information. This should include your full name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Your complaint should be sent via email and addressed to our grievance office:

Hugues Mackay
BlackBerry Limited